NVHS offers 3 programs to meet the needs of veterans experiencing homelessness in Brevard County. We have built a network of community partners and are expanding our outreach activities rapidly across Central Florida to meet the needs of our veterans in the region. After reviewing our programs, please consider joining our efforts as a volunteer, leader, or sponsoring partner. It takes us all to get it done!

Search & Rescue Program

Our Search & Rescue program is a street level outreach program designed to swiftly locate homeless veterans, provide them with basic needs to insure survival, and connect them with housing, employment, and benefit assistance providers to get them off the streets permanently. View the program to learn more...

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Post Traumatic Stress Disorder is a widely misunderstood condition that many combat veterans suffer from. It is a complex issue and different for each who experience it. Our PTSA program stands for Post Traumatic Stress Awareness, Action, & Anonymity. PTSD needs to be addressed in our communities and in our homes. Find out more about PTSA by viewing our program.

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Which comes first, the job or the home? Sometimes veterans are homeless because of joblessness, but sometimes they are jobless because of homelessness alone. NVHS offers a drug and alcohol free housing environment for homeless and transitioning veterans while they seek employment, get back on their feet, and attempt to rejoin society. View our program to learn more.

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