“To Eliminate Homelessness Among Veterans in Central Florida.”
Since being founded in 2008 by George Taylor Sr and a group of his friends, our primary purpose and activities have been motivating and training groups of volunteers to go out to the woods & parks to find and help homeless veterans with food, tents, housing, getting in to the VA system, and plugging them into other resources in the community.

In 2009, we formalized these activities into programs. The NVHS Search & Rescue program, the NVHS Stand Down program, the NVHS Seasonal Support program, and the NVHS Transitional Housing program. Over the years we found the additional need to address post traumatic stress with our veterans and with our community. In December of 2011, the NVHS PTSA program was born to offer awareness, action plans, and an anonymous environment for PTSD sufferers to seek help and understanding. Today NVHS helps veterans in every corner of Brevard and partners with other organizations to create additional Stand Downs across Florida and expand our outreach to new communities, groups, and veterans.

Though NVHS has 5 signature programs and many additional events during the year, our Search & Rescue recon program is the staple that reaches out to find new veterans in need, and keeps our other programs full, and full of purpose.

The NVHS Search & Rescue recon teams are the only search & rescue for homeless veterans operating in the state of Florida currently, and maybe the nation. This is a United Way sponsored program in Brevard County and we are looking for new leaders, volunteers, and groups to expand our mission and our Search & Rescue program into additional counties and territories. Find out more on our Search & Rescue program detail page and then contact us or fill out a volunteer form to get started. Please consider joining us. We make a difference in the lives of so many veterans who may have otherwise given up hope. You can be part of the answer. You could be and NVHS Search & Rescue recon team coordinator or member, helping us rescue veterans lost in America. Drop us a line today. Sincere thanks from All of us at NVHS and on behalf of the veterans we serve.