NVHS holds several events a year as an organization and also encourages others to create events or fundraisers that support the NVHS mission. Please browse our calendar to see what’s coming up! Each event will open a popup of the event flyer on scrollover that you may download and print.

If you’d like to create an event that supports the NVHS mission, please click our CREATE A FUNDRAISER button below to get started! We will take your information and reply via email letting you know if we approved the event. Once we approve your fundraiser, we’ll add it to our calendar long with the event flyer for anyone to open and download. We can generate a flyer for you (just like the example on the FUNDRAISER page). If you have your own flyer, please fill out the form completely and attach your flyer so we can approve it. If we aren’t able to approve the event, we’ll tell you why and you are welcome to resubmit.

Thanks for being part of the answer with NVHS! We thank you on behalf of the veterans we serve!