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To Eliminate Homelessness Among Veterans in Central Florida.

Founded in 2008, NVHS is a community based organization formed by veterans to locate and assist the more than 4,500 homeless veterans living in the parks, woods, and streets of Central Florida off the streets permanently. What makes NVHS truly unique is the fact that we tackle homelessness directly where it thrives...on the streets of our community. Unlike every other homeless service provider in the State of Florida, who wait patiently for homeless clients to know they exist and find their office, we go out constantly and persistently to find our clients where they live, provide basic needs to insure their survival and build rapport, then connect them to any community organization that offers a service beneficial to them rapidly moving from homeless to housed.

It is only through constant outreach and strong partnerships between all service providers, public and private, that our community will ever truly impact the issue of homelessness (veteran and non-veteran alike). NVHS is committed to this model throughout our organization from the top down, with everything we have being committed to our end goal of no more homeless veterans. The best part of it all is that the results of our activities are clear, Brevard county (the core of our activities and where we were founded) has seen a 47% decline in the homeless veteran population in 2 years (2011-2013), outpacing the rest of Florida by 41%... and that change was led by this organization!

We thank you for visiting our site and hope that if you are a veteran in need of assistance you are able to find our veteran resource page useful, and if you are a concerned citizen you will find a way to impact your community either through volunteerism or donating to our cause. NVHS is growing our reach rapidly, and need everyone out there to help us reach our goal to eliminate homelessness among veterans in Central Florida... and then beyond!

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    Veterans in transition have many tough choices to make and often don't where where to turn. We offer resources here and encourage the pathway home.

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